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Workshops and Circles

James has taught many workshops and classes over the years. Here is a list of archived workshops that James is available to host at your home or studio. He is also available to conduct Reiki 1, 2 and 3 training weekends,Psychic and Angel message circles, weekend retreats or create custom and individualized classes and workshops. 

Open Your Intuition

Yes, you are psychic!

Join Intuitive Reiki Master James Bene for this exciting workshop! Learn how to deepen your intuition and psychic abilities by connecting to spirit guides! You will be taught a third eye opening meditation geared to connect with spirit. Within this channel your psychic awareness will be activated in order to read energetic aura fields, project energy and give accurate guided mediumistic messages. This class is open to all levels of experience. 

Join James Bene for his online or in-person course, An Introduction to Intuitive Development!

Taught in two parts

Learn the basics on how to connect to your psychic awareness, receive messages, transcend your analytical mind, explore spirit guides and navigate life from your intuitive self!

Course of study will include:

Third eye balancing meditation 
The "clairs"
Connecting to guides
Automatic writing 
Opening your psychic channel
Great white light of protection
Giving and receiving messages
Cold reading

 James is a natural born intuitive and will share with you some of his secrets on how to be fully in-tune with all forms of intuitive and psychic awareness. This curse will meet 2 consecutive days from  7-10pm EST (4-6pm PT) right from the comfort of your own home! All levels welcome! You will receive a link to join the session a half hour before each class. Please be on your computer, camera ready and have earbuds available! Be prepared to participate, let go and have fun!

You will receive a certificate of completion from Bene Mudra Wellness!

Cost: 100.00

Summer Workshop:Create your perfect body with your perfect mind! 

 The first step towards creating your 'beach body' is to create your 'beach mind!' Learn life impacting and positive thoughts that will not only boost your overall self-love, but will give you the power you need to rock the Jersey Shore this summer into the next!

Join Reiki Master and spiritual teacher James Bene and affirmative thought specialist  Thomas Dunleavy, CPC for this exciting 3 hour intensive.

The workshop will include guided energy meditation, empowering exercises and one on one work with a certified professional life coach! 

Who will this benefit?

-Anyone who is struggling with body image issues
-Anyone who is trying to lose weight and can't seem to get motivated
-Anyone who is tired of crash diets
-Anyone who wishes to send healing love to their body

Thomas Dunleavy
  DECLARE COACHING founder and iPEC graduate Thomas Dunleavy is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Affirmative Thought and Intuitive Action.   Dubbed "The Thought Doctor" Thomas works with his clients on refining their language so they are afforded every possibility for success while actively pursuing the goals they wish to achieve. 

James Bene
 Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and spiritual coach/mentor. James has had a thriving practice for over five years in New Jersey.

Guided Energy Meditation 

During this 1 hour meditation class, James uses music and ambiance to center his students before guided them through a guided energetic balancing meditation. Using mild hypnosis and affirmation, he guides the students through the chakra system guiding their own chi or pranic energy to restore balance and bring harmony to the subtle and physical bodies. Each student will receive brief aromatherapy and Reiki healing touch during the last fifteen minutes. Each class may have a different theme or concept. James makes meditation fun by introducing students to many new and fun meditation techniques each week. 

Reiki Healing and Meditation Workshop

Allow the energies of reiki to sooth your body, mind and spirit!  Join Reiki Master Healer/Teacher James Bene as he accelerates your body's ability to heal using the amazing powers of Reiki.  This 2 hour workshop will include:

- Talk about reliving the body of old thoughts, habits and beliefs that can  keep us "stuck" or cause bodily disease or stress
-Learning to honor where you are NOW so that true healing may take place; emotionally, mentally of physically
-Individual hands on Reiki healing by a certified practitioner 

This workshop is great for anyone who wishes to heal emotionally, mentally or physically! Let Go of what no longer serves you so that you may become the most amazing version of your highest imagined-self possible! No matter what you have gone through in your life, it is your rite to HEAL!

This workshop can also be run as a series of 5 classes, 1 class per week. Each week will focus on one chakra, spiritual concept and metaphysical concept.

Sound Healing Meditation with Angelic Messages!

Connect with your guides via the sounds of live crystal singing bowls and receive cosmic messages   

 Join Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher James Bene for this exciting two hour workshop that will take you on a journey through each of your chakras using guided  meditation with live crystal singing bowls. James then will connect with the angelic realm to bring each student guided messages from beyond for true healing and guidance. This workshop is perfect for those who love guided energy meditation as well as channeled psychic messages. James' messages are strong and geared towards what is meant to be known or understood "Now". 

Angelic Healing Workshop with Reiki:   


Join Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher James Bene for this exciting workshop that will take you on an  journey to uncover the joy that is resting within you guided with the help of ANGELS! Release old habits and thoughts that are keeping you from realizing your most amazing self possible. This two and a half hour workshop will include a guided angelic meditation, class discussion on the archangels, group and one on one angel readings and end with brief hands on Reiki healing for each student by an experienced and talented reiki healer! Can't get any better than that!

Mini Retreat: A Roadmap of Healing! A Journey Through The Chakras:   

 Join Reiki Master Teacher James Bene for this exciting Three hour workshop that will take you on a journey through each of your chakras using guided meditation, chanting, affirmation and bin-aural beats. Dive deep into chakra healing with a highly experienced healer and teacher. Learning about the chakras can help you realize where in the body your energy is blocked and why, where your strengths rest and what you need to focus your energy on so you can finally let go.

We will travel from one chakra to the next exploring, journaling, chanting, visualizing and possibly even grooving (who knows!) The important thing is having fun while doing so! We will end the workshop with a 30 minute hands on reiki for healing guided meditation by James and his fellow reiki healers. During this last half hour of your journey you will have the opportunity to explore what you have learned while experiencing deep levels of energy healing and balance. 

Friday June 16th 7-9pm
Tarot Message Circle And Meditation

Join Reiki Master and intuitive consultant James Bene as he uses his psychic abilities through Tarot to channel the spiritual realm to bring you guided, loving messages sure to help you pave the way to a prosperous year ahead!  James' messages are strong and super charged with insights into your life and personal situations you may face!

 Everyone will receive a 10 minute tarot spread after a guided energy balancing meditation! You may ask questions or receive a general reading! You can stay online for everyone's reading or chose to sign off after yours is over. All levels and curiosities welcome! Space is limited to the first 12 guests.  You must pre pay in order to reserve your space.

When: Friday June 16th
Time: 7-930pm 
Cost: 40.00
Location: Online via Gotomeeting