be illuminated - Spiritual Counseling
Bene Mudra Wellness - be illuminated

Spiritual Life Coaching and Counseling: 60 min

     This is a prime opportunity for a client to begin to open up and release by discussing their individual conflicts. Having a one on one session with an intuitive healer can move the client's thoughts away from negative thinking, old habits, emotionally instability, grief and more! 

Learn tools necessary in over-coming negative thinking patterns, trauma, anxiety, fear and or depression. These sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype. James has helped many people through transitional periods in their lives by helping them learn to live spiritually centered and in joy.

James is verse in coaching/mentoring those experiencing or seeking guidance with the following:

Second half of life
Life path
Love life
Increasing income
Spiritual growth
Wellness advisement 
Removing creative blocks
Negative thinking
Entertainment Industry (Artists)
Skill building

Single Session: 165.00

Package: $660.00

This package includes 5 sessions with the equivalent of one session for fee. Savings of $165.00. Most Popular!