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      REIKI is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, are more capable of being happy and healthy. 
   The word REIKI is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy." So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."
  A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. REIKI treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being. Many have reported miraculous results.

Benefits of Reiki:
 Reiki is a non-denominational healing method and is beneficial to anyone who wishes for a better life. Reiki relieves stress as well as any acute medical conditions. It also promotes healthy healing in cancer patients going through chemotherapy. It can aid in emotional stress, eating habits, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, spiritual motivation, infertility, prenatal health, boosting energy and balance, negative thinking repair, trauma repair, and over-all wellness.


  james bene

 A Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Intuitive,  James has had a thriving practice since 2009 in New Jersey, NYC and now in Downtown, Los Angeles. He began Bene Mudra Wellness with the hopes to enrich the lives of people by allowing them to find their authentic balance.
James Bene Reiki Healer
   "Using my natural gifts and intuition, I become a vessel through which my clients find a path to healing. Together, with the guidance from my angels, we create a place where balance, harmony and oneness can be re-gained. I can assist a client in healing and clearing old habits, emotional blockages and ways of thinking by becoming a spiritual mentor and teacher. By receiving messages psychically, I can assist in guiding my clients path."     

   James believes strongly that he has been placed on this earth as a healer and offers his clients a safe place to let go and begin the journey to a better life. Using Reiki as his backbone, James takes his clients on a meditative journey. Each session will restore balance and harmony within all who lie on his table. He works through the chakra system and "unclogs" all of the negative, non-beneficial energies trapped within them. They may be childhood scars or residual energy from past lives. Using inner-child as well as past life regression techniques, James can bring his client to a better understanding of their depression or fear. In doing this, a client will be able to forgive, observe and finally, LET GO! A client can also expect messages from beyond as he is strongly connected to his higher-self and spiritual energies.

Private Sessions

Reiki Healing Therapy: 60 min

The primary focus of this session is simply reiki! Relax and allow the energy to balance and restore your physical, emotional and spiritual health. The service includes a guided meditation, aromatherapy and some light pressure point work.

Single Session: 150.00

Psychic Messages and Spiritual Consultation: 60 min

  James will connect to the divine and bring you messages from your guides, angles and past loved ones! He becomes a messenger, allowing you to see what you can not normally see for yourself! James' messages are centered around asking spirit "What do we need to know now in order to help us move forward in our lives!" He believes he is a clear conduit between you and the universe, thus creating a space where all is possible! He will use Angel Cards as well as his own psychic intuition to bring you the answers!

Single Hour Session: 165.oo
Single 90min Session: 240.00
Reiki Healing with Spiritual Mentoring Session: 75 min
 (Most Popular)

   Relax to soothing music and let the reiki energy flow through your body. You can expect guided meditation, deep breathing, a full chakra balancing and whatever else James is intuitively led to perform. The session will begin with 20 minutes (a taste) of guided messages and spiritual mentoring centered around your current needs. This option is all encompassing and geared towards spiritual healing and emotional freedom. Please be advised if you feel you need a full hour of coaching and mentoring this may not be the option. You can always book two consecutive sessions, one for reiki and one for coaching.

This type of session with James will include:

Psychic Intuitive Messages 
Spiritual Council
Hands on Reiki Healing
Aromatherapy/Crystal Healing

Single Session: 175.00
3 Pack Special:  425.00- a savings of 9.00 a session!
5 Pack Special: 675.00- a savings of 15.00 a session!
10 Pack Special: 1,250- a savings of 25.00 a session!

If you purchase a 5 or 10 pack you will also receive 10% off all classes, trainings and workshops during the length of your package!

If you purchase a 10 pack you will also receive a Past life Regression at no additional cost.  A 200.00 value!!
 Spiritual Mentoring/ Life Coaching: 60 min
     This is a prime opportunity for a client to begin to open up and release by discussing their individual conflicts. Having a one on one session with an intuitive healer can move the client's thoughts away from negative thinking, old habits, emotionally instability, grief and more! Learn tools necessary in over-coming negative thinking patterns, trauma, anxiety, fear and or depression. These sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype. James has helped many people through transitional periods in their lives by helping them learn to live spiritually centered and in joy.

Single Session: 165.00
5 Pack Special: 660.00

 Prenatal/Fertility Reiki: 60 min
   This is the perfect gift for the mother to be! The session includes a soothing meditation using essential oils then Reiki is used to penetrate into the chakras of the child  allowing for his/her smooth transition from the womb into the world. Benefits include a more relaxing and spiritual child birth, less stress for the mother, decrease in morning sickness, major decrease in labor pains, mental stress relief and a greater and fuller understanding of the gift of birth. This session is geared towards prenatal care only. This session can always be upgraded to an intuitive reiki session if more work is needed!
"In addition to promoting good preconception health, Reiki treatments can also help promote good prenatal health. A recent study found that Reiki healing sessions reduced stress during pregnancy by 94% while nausea and morning sickness were reduced by 80% after Reiki treatment sessions. In addition, the study found that quality of sleep is improved by 86% when Reiki treatment is conducted during pregnancy.Reiki healing can also help to minimize labor pains as well as to provide relief to muscles and reduce other discomforts linked to the birthing process."

Single Session:150.00
3 Package Special: 375.0- 125.00 per session
5 Package Special: 575.00- 115.00 per session
10 Package Special: 1,100.00- 110.00 per session

Reiki with Lorraine Giordano: 75 min

James is excited to welcome Lorraine Giordano to the Bene Mudra team! While James is away in Los Angeles, Lorraine will be available to his clients for sessions. To Book a session with Lorraine please email

Lorraine is passionate about sharing ways for women and men to connect to their own healing and creative energy, and highlighting opportunities to bridge the gap from dis-ease to finding their personal healthy way in their daily life. Lorraine is an Usui Reiki Master under James Bene, RMT and is certified in Quantum Energy Transformation, Quantum Touch and Integrated Energy Therapy. 

Single Session: $155.00

New! Guided Meditation Series

James brings his popular meditation class to your door! This series provides 3 or 5 private guided and healing meditations catered to your current life situations, aspirations and healing needs! If you have trouble meditating or simply wish to learn how in a safe and uplifting way, this is also for you!

A great add on to any Spiritual Life Coaching Package as a way to release stress, anxiety and worry! 

Sessions are done over the phone so you may relax and listen as you surrender yourself within the comforts of your own home! 

You will have a 30 minute phone consultation prior to discuss your meditation plan! You may choose from 2 options. Meditation sessions are meant to be completed once a week and are 45 minutes.

In person sessions are also available for Los Angeles Clients!

Package of 3: 250.00
Package of 5:375.00

Gift Certificates: 

Gift Certificates available for single sessions or dollar amounts available for purchase our online store! 

Visit the Bene Mudra online store to purchase your sessions, packages, workshops, gift certificates and classes in advance!



Daytime and evening appointments available Monday-Friday and some weekend slots by appointment. Simply email your request to Phone, in person or Skype!

Hoboken, NJ

James is available one week every two months for East Coast sessions. Lorraine has full time availability. Space is limited and appointments must be pre-paid being James is traveling across the country. James'  availability will be posted on landing page. Email your requests to  In person!

 Package Policy:
  All packages have expiration dates! No refunds on sessions, packages or gift certificates. A package may be extended due to illness or travel upon our approval. Without proper notice, within a certain time frame of purchase, a client will risk forfeiting sessions.

Cancellation Policy:
   24 hour notice is required for cancellation of all sessions in LA and 48 hours in Hoboken, NJ.  If a session is canceled on the day of an appointment the client will be allowed to roll-over the appointment to a different day ONLY if another session or package is purchased. Clients must realize that when a session is booked the time is blocked out and is unable to be taken by other clients. Most often the practitioners will travel to the office just for a single appointment. That being said, we must respect their time by showing up. If you cancel and haven't paid all future sessions will require payment up-front.