be illuminated - Private Guided Meditation
Bene Mudra Wellness - be illuminated

 Guided Meditation Series

James brings his popular meditation class to your door! This series provides 3 or 5 private guided and healing meditations catered to your current life situations, aspirations and healing needs! If you have trouble meditating or simply wish to learn how in a safe and uplifting way, this is also for you

Sessions are done over the phone so you may relax and listen as you surrender yourself within the comforts of your own home! 

You will have a 30 minute phone consultation prior to discuss your meditation plan! You may choose from 2 options. Meditation sessions are meant to be completed once a week and are 45 minutes.

A great add on to any Spiritual Life Coaching Package as a way to release stress, anxiety and worry! 

In person sessions are also available for Los Angeles Clients!

Package of 3: 250.00
Package of 5: 375.00