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Prenatal/Fertility Reiki: 60 min 

   This is the perfect gift for the mother to be! The session includes a soothing meditation using essential oils then Reiki is used to penetrate into the chakras of the child  allowing for his/her smooth transition from the womb into the world. Benefits include a more relaxing and spiritual child birth, less stress for the mother, decrease in morning sickness, major decrease in labor pains, mental stress relief and a greater and fuller understanding of the gift of birth. This session is geared towards prenatal care only. This session can always be upgraded to an intuitive reiki session if more work is needed!

"In addition to promoting good preconception health, Reiki treatments can also help promote good prenatal health. A recent study found that Reiki healing sessions reduced stress during pregnancy by 94% while nausea and morning sickness were reduced by 80% after Reiki treatment sessions. 

In addition, the study found that quality of sleep is improved by 86% when Reiki treatment is conducted during pregnancy. Reiki healing can also help to minimize labor pains as well as to provide relief to muscles and reduce other discomforts linked to the birthing process. It was also found extremely beneficial in the treatment of fertility as well!"

Single Session: 150.00

Package Deals:

3 Package Special: 
375.00:   125.00 per session
10 Package Special: 
1,100.00:  110.00 per session
5 Package Special: 
575.00- 115.00 per session