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Calendar of Events
June-July 2019

East Coast Session Availability for James Bene

August 3-12th 2019

James will sell out so send your requests now or easily schedule yourself online! 


450 7th Street between Adams and Jefferson.
Lower level of the Citadel building.

Enter "BOYS" door on 7th and at the hall turn left!

 For east coast appointments only:

Email all inquiries for July-August  appointments to or self book below when exact dates are available above (recommended). James is also available for online sessions via phone, FaceTime or gotoomeeting!

Appointments must be made on the hour and may be shuffled a bit to accommodate other clients after booking is made. Please be aware that the calendar is already set to eastern time.



Classes/ Events 

Psychic Message Circle: Hoboken/LA

Join Reiki Master and intuitive consultant James Bene as he uses his psychic abilities and Tarot to channel the spiritual realm to bring you guided, loving messages sure to help pave the way to a prosperous year ahead!  James' messages are strong and super charged with insights into your life and personal situations.

Everyone will receive a 10 minute reading/spread after a short guided balancing meditation! You may ask questions or receive a general reading! All levels and curiosities welcome! Space is limited to the first 10 guests. You must pre pay in order to reserve your space and must be on-time to event!

When: July 15th 2019
Time: 6:30pm-8pm
Place: Mystic Journey Bookstore, Venice Beach, CA
Cost: $35.00 per guest

When: August 7th 2019
Time: 730-9pm
Place: ONE/SOL Hoboken NJ; 25 Maxwell Place
Cost : $35


A Course In Intuition

Learn the basics on how to connect to your psychic awareness, receive messages, transcend your analytical mind, explore spirit guides and navigate life from your intuitive self!

Course of study will include:

Third eye balancing meditation 
The "clairs"
Connecting to guides
Automatic writing 
Opening your psychic channel
Great white light of protection
Giving and receiving messages
Cold reading
Fun Exercises 

 James is a natural born intuitive and will share with you some of his secrets on how to be fully in-tune with all forms of intuitive and psychic awareness.  All levels welcome! Bring a journal, a blanket and an open mind and heart!

You will receive a certificate of completion from Bene Mudra Wellness!


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